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Wednesday, 01 September 2010 09:46
Maamarim Haazinu.
This Ma'amar explores a sequence of four Pesukim beginning with כי חלק הוי' עמו are our roots,
ימצאהו בארץמדבר discusses finding us in a desert and how from the desert itself comes our upliftedness,
This is followed by the Possuk that is the Ma'amar's title כנשר יעיר כינו he explains how the transforming of קליפה to קדושה brings the highest imaginable רחמים down.
It concludes with explaining הוי' בדד ינחנו ואין עמו א-ל נכר. 
Kinesher yair Kino 5746.
Class One.
 Overview of Kinesher (Haazinu) Maamar. tomorrow (class two) we'll read it inside IYH.
The Passuk aligns exactly with the days after Yom Kippur, when the T'shuva is so high (and) that it is only positive; and it is found in the words of the two P'sukim Kinesher... Yifros Knafav... Yisaeihu al Evraso... Hasdhem Badad yanchenu vain imo Keil neichar.
The revaltions fromn this higher T'shuva, from higher than the highset source of the Neshama, Yerida for the sake of an aliya even higer than there. This will be fully revealed Leasid, and then also there will be avoda, but not with Klipa.
Tha Maamar inside, -1) The connection to the time of after Yom Kippur, When the T'shuva is all positive, reveals the very source of the Neshama (in Rishimu) and even higher, as there is the principle of Yerida Tzorrech Aliya.
2) The P'sukim: Kinesher, higher than the compassion of an eagle; Yifros Knafuv- Keilim (rishimu) and not Ohr (source of Neshama); Al Evraso- higher than  Torah and Mitzvos. Hashem badad goes on the times of Liasid that Yidden will be alone; V'Ain Imo keil Naichar, but there will be Avoda in aliyos thenm also.