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Sunday, 28 May 2017 16:15
Hayom Yom for Tamuz
PDF 1-4 Tamuz with Biur
1 Tamuz.
For a Bochur to know his place.
They don't come to a place to assimilate, but to be themselves and change the place to their level.
Rebbe's wedding where the Rebbe RayaTz told this idea to the Bochurim.
Letter about מדת ההשתוות. 
2. Tamuz.
The link between the Mitzvos between man and G-d and those between man and man are underscored in the recitation of הריני מקבל each day at the beginning of our prayer.
Want attachedness with G-d, be connected and don'r be separated from fellow Yid.
Why is discussed a little, it has to do with humility and openness. 
3 Tamuz.
The Jewish sigh is spiritually very meaningful it doesn't really matter what arouses it.
Humility and admitting dependency upon G-d is very emancipating spiritually.
4 Tamuz.