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Wednesday, 27 July 2011 22:06
Maamarim 5741.
During this year the Rebbe said 59 Maamarim.
For there to be a peaceful resolution to war, there must be war.
But some victories are "peaceful".
There are two lands in the land where Yaakov lives, higher and lower.
These two are represented by two levels of Torah.
This Ma'amar explores the grerat advantage of the lower level of Torah in and of itself.
Through thelaws there is Birurim. This is why it must also invlove מרמה.
This Ma'amar is a Chanuka Ma'amar, because it has at it's fundation the idea of ירידה צורך עלי'ה.
In this class the Rebbe uses the language of פרצת כל הגדרים.
The level of בת ציון is the the lowest level and is connected to action, of Mitzvos, but it reachers higher than אחותי and אמי. 
What does the snake miracle that precedes the ten מכות mean and represent?
All the מכות are not only to get Yidden out of Egypt, but also for the ekevation of sparks, עבודת הבירורים.
The snake sets this all up, and particularly the fact that it goers from stick to snake and back again and only  then swallows the remaining stick.
Why one would think the Torah should begin with החודש- which is the directly holy involvement of the צדיק, ישכר, תורה ותפילה but in the end the תורה begins with בראשית because in the connection of the תורה to the נותן התורה action, בעל תשובה, זבולן is actually primary.
This Ma'amar discusses the idea of one being a seminal point which matures when it develops all ten aspects.
It interprets the word בעשור (as opposed to בעשירי) as meaning all ten, meaning, that each later day includes all the preceding ones until ten.
Ten is the completion of one's personal wholeness; of קשוט עצמך.
After the ten are complete begins the process of קשוט אחרים.
This explains why on the eleventh of Nissan they took a sheep fro a Korban and counted off four days.
This is also connected to 10 Shvat as being the completion of what starts (in Shvat) on Rosh Chodesh.
19. באתי לגני ה'תשמ"א.
This class deals with Perek 11 of the Previous Rebbe's Ma'amar באתי לגני.
The discussion centers around the עבודה of יראה, קבלת עול and מסירת נפש of the צבאות השם.
When the King faces a מלחמת נצחון his מדת הנצח is aroused and he pulls out all the stops:
Engaging in the wart personally, distributing great and hidden treasure (almost) recklessly, and even giving his life for the cause.
 The King's treasure is his bond with his subjects, their deep respect and awe for him, which in the נמשל is יראה עילעא.
Soldiers are like עבדים with the additional readiness for מסירות נפש.  
The people's sacrifice arouses the King's reciprocal giving of himself! 
This second class on this Ma'amar explores Hashem's enemy against whom this מדת הנצח and בזבוז האוצרות and (הפקרת חיים (גלויים is invoked:
The enemy of נצח ישראל.
This is explained in this class.
There are two מזבחות:
1) מזבח אדמה which is a reference to involvement in direct holiness, תורה ומצוות which is why it is a certainty.
2) מזבח אבנים which us a reference to the involvement  in Klipa, and it is therefor written as a condition "If" one (needs) to involve himself in correcting this involvement, it will reveal greater light.
Said in Johannesburg South Africa on 3 TAMUZ 5771.
Three types of Rebbe all inspiring Yidden in the matter of faith yet each has a different method. Kasis LaMaor.