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Wednesday, 11 August 2010 21:53
Maamarim 5740.
NOTE: The Rebbe said 43 Maamarim this year.
The idea of this Possuk according to Chassidus is to link the חצוצרות to the שופר we blow even now.
This means that in addition to the ביטול of שופר there is the  מציאות of the איד as he is  חצי צורה  with Hashem.
This class discusses אמונה which us מקיף and how we affect התישבות  in this מקיף as the פסוק  says בסוכות תשבו.
(the page numbers and layout are a bit different than the text i used, so you must adopt a little). 
The idea of חידוש was discussed at length in this class.
The point the Rebbe is making is that the idea of חידוש is by a בעל תשובה.
The Rebbe links this to  שמחת תורה and the postponement of the joy of the Torah from Kippur until Shmini Atzeres and Simchas Torah.
10. פדה בשלום (י"ט כסליו) ה'תש"מ.
Although פדה בשלום includes all three poles: תורה עבודה וגמילת חסדים, it is primarily through תפילה and תורה וגמ"ח assist her.
This refers specifically to תפילה בציבור which is  שלום on various counts.
1) When there is a ציבור the שכינה rests.
2) The idea that only when we are whole (joined with every other Jew in the world) is our sacrifice  a תמים ולרצון.
3) The idea of Ahvas Yisroel.
 Ahavas Yisroel sets up the אהבת השם. 
קרב the battle is up-close meaning, the נפש אלוקית and נפש הבהמית are allowed to be equal so the war is on equal footing.
In תפילה בציבור one gathers all aspects of himself in his service, including the נפש הבהמית.
He redeems not only himself but the entire world and כביכול the Aibershter.
11. בכ"ה בכסליו ה'תש"מ.
 To understand the מנורה of חנוכה we first discuss the מנורה that lit in the בית המקדש.
The מנורה's seven branches are the seven מדות, and there is זה לעומת זה and לאום מלאום יאמץ between the seven of נפש האלקוית and the seven מדות of the נפש הבהמית.
To guarantee that קדושה should win the מנורה needs to be lit through the כהן.
The light travels through the inverse windows of the בית המקדש to the entire world.
The lighting of these candles is שכל וחכמה that is higher than the struggle between the two sets of מדות.
 In extreme times קליפה and טומאה contaminate even the mind and חכמה and we need the כח המסירת נפש to guarantee victory.
This is פך אחד שמן מונח בחותמו של כהן גדול.
The two Menoras (of the Bais HaMikdash and of Galus/ Chanuka) are (combined): עולם שנה נפש.
עולם is how it was ion the Bais HaMikdahs.
נפש is Yidden (and applies to all times (???)).
שנה is the Menorah in Galus.
12. ואלה שמות בני ישראל ה'תש"מ.
 Why is the Jewish people's coming to Egypt repeated twice?
Answer: because the decent has two levels, one lower than the other and there are two levels of ascent.
However, the second ascent won;t happen until Moshiach. but we never the less include it in the Exodus account because what will happen is very similar to what did happen: The Galus prepared for getting the Torah then and (again) when Moshiach comes. 
Why is there an introduction ואלה שמות when the Possuk could go right into the list of names?
Answer: שמות here refers to Hashem's name and how through עבודה we effect לאתקנא רזא דשמי'ה both the שמות that correspond to ספירות and שמו הגדול which is אין סוף.
The Novelty is creating a Keli to 1) bring the Ohr of the שם down and on a higher level to create the שם as explained in the סוגיא דשבחים בהוספות לתורה אור לפרשת ויחי.
In Avoda this is transforming פרעה אותיות העורף and כי פנו אלי עורף and what is worse than that to פנים.
There are three levels:
1) השמים כסאי והארץ הדום רגלי this is explained spiritually: heaven is Torah and Neshama and earth is Mitzvos and Guf etc.
2) כי כאשר השמים החדשים והארץ החדשה אשר אני עושה when Moshiach comes there will be a real חידוש which is much mors than the חידוש הישנות every second etc. in Torah, Neshama and Mitzvos and Guf.
3) כן יעמוד זרעכם ןשמכם the work we did (especially in Galus) to affect this "חידוש" is forever even לעתיד לבוא unchanged.
This מאמר is a המשך to the one before.
It develops the same three ideas based on
1) creation per se
2) The newness associated with Mattan Torah after Galus Mitzrayim, 
This idea (dominates the מאמר) and is explained based on a מדרש and a זהר that both equate the giving of the Torah to the מאמר יהי אור the light the world cannot handle is in the Torah.
This ties into Yidden's association with the moon. 
3) Yidden argue that their effort in Galus affected the change and this is forever.
4) But this מאמר adds a forth idea: שמש ידע מבואו this alludes to Hashem the שמש that knows what will be with no change before during and after and ידיעתו אינו מכרחת את הבחירה. The ultimate is that the ידעה should come into the ירח לא ידע מבואו.
15. באתי לגני ה'תש"מ
The work of בירורים in מצרים and this final גלות reveals אלקות in בי"ע on the level of איהו וגרמוהי חד גם בבי"ע.
This is tied into שם צבאות בבי"ע אות הוא בבצבא דילי'ה.
The בעל שם טוב worries about the גכשמיות of a Yid for this reason: it houses אלקות בבי"ע. 
This class explored the mysticism of שם קדוש (צבאות) בבי"ע.
It is a novel idea of the Alter Rebbe, and adds a new dimension to אחדות even in בי"ע.
This מאמר is מוגה.
It deals with the idea that a מחצית השקל is not a half שקל but rather an entire שקל that has been halved.
This halving (causes one half to be lower) ends with the two halves rejoining better and higher than they were before they were halved.
One half is the Yid or his Nefesh HaBahamis; the pther half is Schechina or the Nefesh HaElokis.
Dealing with the animal reveals it's source in תוהו and higher and elevates the pothger half as well.
This is so great as to a  לכפר על נפשותיכם even for חטא העגל.
This מאמר on עמלק explains what עמלק does, he finds weak spots and affects that what is good should be weak enough for קליפה to take hold.
He "cuts off the head at the nape (back) of the head".
He cannot fight פנים but he exploits all אחוריים.
פנים של נר"נ ופנים של חי' יחידה, ונגד שניהם יש עמלק הראשון מחוייבים אנו להיות מקיימים: מחוה תמחה וגו', והשני מקיים הוא ית' מחוה אמחה.
This מאמר explains the inner dimension of the miracle of Purim "The King (of all King)'s sleep is interrupted" He is still sleeping נדדה but it's disturbed.
The נמשל is that through מסירת נפש the Miracles come directly from עצמות.
The idea of ספר הזכרונות and דברי הימים.
שינה בנפש האם; בעבודת האדם ולמעלה.
This מאמר explains the idea of the 3 בריתות (covenants) made withe the world:
1) נח; לטבע.
2) אברהם; לתורה ומצוות.
3) משה; לתשובה.
The covenant with משה is for תשובה; which means all Jews are (at least potentially) good.
פרה אדומה is תשובה and therefore it was done outside of the camp because it elevates even that.

The story of creation must be a part of the Torah but why in the beginning?
Why Rav Yitzchok asks this question?
Three steps: A. The דינים וגבורות that allow to world to exist; B. The reversal of the צמצום so that what was in the מקום החלל before צמצום הראשון is reversed, C. החדש הזה לכם that a light which is higher than what was before the צמצום is brought in the world.
Idea: The Tzimtzum must come first because it teaches כח מעשיו הגיד לעמו לתת להם נחלת גויים.
This means for צדיקים by starting from creation you come to value Torah so much more.
For בעלי תשובה it means to justify the elevation of the world itself without it being considered גניבה.
21. ויקרא ה'תש"מ.