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Min HaMetzer 5661
Sefer HaMa'amarim 5661 page 181-191
Class Twenty Nine.
Page 182.
The idea that בנין המלכות is about גבורות וצמצומים is hard to understand: why call that בנין, תיקון
The Rebbe proposes that it has to do with the בנין and תיקון of עולמות בי"ע to be בטול במציאות on a level even higher than אצילות is now!
PDF Supplement ג' מיני גבורות תער"ב ח"ב ע' תרפ"ח ויאלך. 
Class Thirty.
Page 182-3.
Considering that Ba"N has something special beyond what (even) Ma"H has, we begin speaking of what is special about Malchus.
First of all: Malchus is Yesh MeAyin and the source of Yesh MeAyin is higher than the source of all the other S'firos in Ein Sof; and ultimately it comes from Atzmus itself.
Class Thirty One.
Page 183.
Second of all: The idea that in Malchus there is מרחב/ רחבות Merchav/ Rachvus.
This comes along with the increase in detail התחלקות due to צמצום, but there is also the element of התרחבות which has it's source in עצמות.
Class Thirty Two.
Page 18(3-) 4.
Third of all: Malchus when it ascends, goes higher up than any of the other S'firos.
All other S'firos go back to their Shoresh and Malchus goes back to RaDlA.
Class Thirty Three.
Page 184.
Malvchus ascends higher than other S'firos in the highest source: higher than the Kav (which is basically Hishtalshelus).
It reveals the source that is altogether above  the Kav.
 Class Thirty Four.
Page 184-5.
נקודה קו שטח
A philosophical expose.
what the three mean; the great distance between each one and how (at the same time) they are a gradual evolution from to the next etc.
All this is Hishtalshelus, Kav.
But there's above Hishtalshelus, where Malchus comes from and returns to.
Class Thirty Five.
Page 185.
The involved Mashal of Rav and Talmid that illustrates the distance between before to after the Tzimtzum.
The distance between teacher and student like seeing and heraring.
The point of this class is that in the point the teacher gives the student all the teachers knowledge is found as a hidden point!
היינו אע"פ שכל כונת הצמצום הוא לחלק מהות מדריגת הרב ממהות מדריגת שכל התלמיד, ושישפיע לו רק שכל שלפי ערכו, מ"מ בהקודת הרושם יש בו כללות השכל של הרב גם מדריגתו הנעלית שבבחינת ראי' וזה נוגע מאד בהבנת הנמשל בענין המלכות ושרשו