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Summer 5727 and following winter Mivtza Tefillin and the six day war.
Introduction, thought
50 Years from the six day war.
A historic moment of Jewish solidarity.
The story of the six day war through the prism of the Rebbe.
Mivtza Tefillin was introduced two days before the war. The Rebbe explained (by siting to Gemaros) that Tefillin 1) preserve the soldier, 2) Cause the enemy to be so afraid that he doesn't fight in the first place.
The מאמרים והי' ביום ההוא יתקע ביום ההוא ה'תשכ"ח that the Rebbe repeated three times.
He explained that there are two "soundings of the Shofar" and he explained how they played out historically.
The Shofar of זכרי': ואדנ"י אלוקים בשופר יתקע quite painful, and is represented by world war one and two.
The Shofar of ישעי': והי' ביום ההוא יתקע בשופר גדול וגו which is the Shofar that awakens תשובה which began fifty years ago today! At the outset of the Six Day War! 
Toras Menachem vol. 49 page 27 ff, vol 50 page 16-17; 62 ff. מבצע תפילין.
במדבר ה'תשכ"ז introducing מבצע תפילין.
It brings you back alive as it says in Gemara כל המניח תפילין מאריך ימים.
it protects you from needing to fight altogether as it says in the Gemara in Brachos וראו כל עמי הארץ כי שם השם נקרא עליך ויראו ממיך וארז"ל אלו תפילין שבראש.
בסעודה יום שני דחג השבועות. 
Conversation about the Rebbe's not allowing people to leave Israel before the six day war and about the success of מבצע תפילין.
בהתועדות חג השבועות ה'תשכ"ז. 
 The Rebbe discusses his recently introduced campaign again and explains it.
There is no contradiction between doing Tefillin as Seguls for longevity and safety and doing it as a Mitzvah, as the גמרא says: האומר סלע זו לצדקה על מנת שיחי' בני הרי זה צדיק גמור.
This is not unique to Tzedaka but applies to all Mitzvos.
Class Three.
On the question of using the Mitzvah of Mezuza (Tefillin) as a Shmira.
The Shmira aspect is actually a part of the Mitzvah itself and not even like  שלא לשמה!
Toras Menachem vol. 50 page 4(6)[8]-54.
The idea of Achdus Yisroel as it relates to the essence of every Jew is connected to Torah.
It was revealed during the Six Day War.

Toras Menachem vol. 50 page 83-6.
Current events reflect ואשא אתכם על בנפי נשרים ואביא אתכם אלי.
How Hashem's miracles change us practically.
The opportunity shouldn't be missed.
Toras Menachem vol. 50 page 91-2.
Putting on Tefillin must continue.
It will account for the Miracles Hashem already did for us.
Toras Menachem vol. 50 page 100-101.
To learn  Jewsih unity form non-Jews unifying against the Jews.
Toras Menachem vol. 50 page 176- 184.
12 Tamuz was 40 years ago; one man defied all of Russia. The war just experienced and the attitude and victory are inspired by what the Previous Rebbe started all those years before.
Toras Menachem vol. 50 page 184-190.
Three lessons in נעשה ונשמע from the six day war and how they must be applied to Avodas Hasehm.
Toras Menachem vol. 50 page  194-202.
This war is a great miracle but it mustn't be confused with אתחלתא דגאולה.
אתחלתא דגאולה which is a משיח idea must be connected to Torah and Yiddishkeit because there is no other Moshiach and secular Eretz Yisreol is not at all this.
Toras Menachem vol. 50 page 238 ff.
Those who learn Torah vs. those who go to the front.
The solfiers who fight are protected by the Bochurim who learn; but they are higher than them.
Like Yisachar and Zevulun, though Zevulun supports Yisachar, but Zevulun is higher and in war this is much more true. 
Class Twelve.
Igros Kodesh vol 24 page 403-5, Toras Menachem vol. 50 page 264 ff. 
Answer to eight questions on the statement that the six day war is a מלחמת מצוה.
Three questions and their answers:
1) how it was a מלחמת מצוה.
2) This war has roots in no good. Answer: So did חנוכה ופורים.
3) The consequences of this miracle has been (in part) negative. Answer: after Yetzias Mitzrayim there was an עגל and it makes no sense יאבד העולם מפני השוטים.

Shabbos Breishis 5728.
Page 201-8.
The novel idea of offensive war and it's advantages as it relates to Kiruv and Mivtza Tefillin.
Page 208-210. 
The lands of קני קניזי and קדמוני will be added to Eretz Yisroel when Moshiach comes, we prepare for this through Shlichus.
Page 210-216.
The מאמר והי' ביום ההוא ה'תש"ג that was said during the second world war is being played out here and now.
There are two Shofars of Moshiach one is very negative (from  זכרי'ה) which is quite negative and the Rebbe likens it to the two world wars: a scourge that wakes people up, and another (from ישעי'ה) which is more positive and this started "last summer" during the Six day war.
Hashem spoke and He is waiting for our response.
Page 216- 221.
The ill of forgetting G-d and eoithesaying iwas no miracle or attributing it to yourself.
Page 221- 229.
Questions and answers about the Halachic permissibility to put Tefillin on Yidden.
The gains and the losses,
It is worthwhile in the end.