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Thursday, 27 January 2011 12:40
(6-) 7 ADAR. (short thoughts).
The day Moshe Rabbeinu was born and passed away (on a Shabbos). what's its significance.
The Rebbe holds (based on some sources) that Moshe was born in a leap year and in the first ADAR.
The last active day of Moshe Rabbeinu's life. On this day (Friday) he wrote 13 Sifrei Torah.
1) 13 Sifrei Torah, 2) "Ain Shilton bYom haMaves (we don't have "shilton" on the day of passing)".
The connection between Moshe Rabbeinu's passing and Purim.
The miracle of Purim and it's connection to Moshe Rabbeinu.
Moshe Rabbeinu our teacher (Melamed).
"Vlo Yada Ish es Kvuraso...". No one knows where Moshe lies.
Nassi of his and all generations.