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Thursday, 27 January 2011 13:28
Parsha Classes- Titzave'.
28-02. The Kohen's clothes were "Lkovd ulSifares" (beautiful). (5768).
Several different allusions are made to the beauty of these clothes. What do they mean?
The apron that was behind the Kohein Godol fastened to the Choshen (breastplate)  was more than a fastener. Does the Aifod have something about itself independent from the Choshen? find out! This class includes a Midrash, Rikanti, Yonos (Aibeshitz), Chasam Sofer, The Tzemach Tzedek, chizkuni and a Sicha (vol. 31). 
The miraculous quality the Kohen Godol's breastplate had was attached to the gold plate that had engraved on it the name of Hashem. How did this work and what does this mean?
The tunic of pure blue worn only by the Kohen Godol.
The headplate worn by the Kohen Godol.
 The Avnet, Gartel.
The opinions regarding what the Kohein Hediot's gartel was made of.
Some drush (Alshich and Kli Yakar).
The Rebbe's Sicha, the gartel was preparatory and as such was higher than the other garments.