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Monday, 31 January 2011 12:16
Maamarim Parshas Titzave'.
ואתה תצוה ה'תשמ"א
This is the מאמר given to us in Adar 5752, with which we live our lives; it is the מאמר of התקשרות.
This Maamar the Rebbe edited and distributed less then two weeks before 27 ADAR 1 5752. The Maamar of Faith.
Below is a חזרה of this מאמר and below that a class on the בלתי מוגה (unedited version) of the same.
Said in Johannesburg South Africa on 3 TAMUZ 5771.
Three types of Rebbe all inspiring Yidden in the matter of faith yet each has a different method. Kasis LaMaor.
This one class encompasses the entire unedited version of this מאמר
Four points:
1) ואתה תצוה in this case משה is the point: to strengthen אידישע אמונה and internalize it.
2) ויקחו אליך causing an עלי'ה in Moshe, who grows in humility as a result of this new relationship, with another (lower) generation.
3) כתית למאור isn't only for Yidden in Tzaros; but -also- for Yidden in the best of times who know there is no Beis HaMikdash and a lack of divine revelation someplace else.
4)  נר תמיד versus what is written by Aharon's (lighting of the Menorah) מערב עד בקר. The difference is that נר תמיד knows no change or variance. 
 VeAtta Titzave involves Moshe and Aharon: Moshe brings Hashem to us, Torah, no time; Aharon brings us to Him, Tefilla, there is 'night until day' (time).