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Friday, 11 February 2011 12:20
Maamarim Parshas Zachor.
Vayomer Moshe El Yehushua... Tzai hilachem BaAmalaik 5722.
 Beginning and the end of the Ma'amar was discussed in this class.
Amalaik can only get you after you leave Egypt (simple faith) and before you become rich (Pnimiyus HaMochin UMidos) when you enter the holy land.This is the meaning of Baderech (on the road) after you left Egypt (prior to the entry into the holy land).
The Possuk swears that His name and Chair cannot be whole (because Amalaik won't allow it) unless you kill him (them) first.
Pnimiyus and Chitzoniyus.
Chitzoniyus has many interruptions, Pnimiyus does not have any.
The Ma'amar explains this at length discussing, Ratzon, Chochma, Bina and the Midos.
Skipping steps in Avodah (T'shuva) is amazing but must be qualified afterwards by Acvoda Pnimiyus.
This מאמר on עמלק explains what עמלק does, he finds weak spots and affects that what is good should be weak enough for קליפה to take hold.
He "cuts off the head at the nape (back) of the head".
He cannot fight פנים but he exploits all אחוריים.
פנים של נר"נ ופנים של חי' יחידה, ונגד שניהם יש עמלק הראשון מחוייבים אנו להיות מקיימים: מחוה תמחה וגו', והשני מקיים הוא ית' מחוה אמחה. 
'The road' from Egypt means our relationship  with Hashem.
 Before we arrive at Mattan Torah the road leads us to confront the opposition, 
some is raised up- Yisro.
Some is destroyed- Amalaik.
Though Amalaik is our 'brother' and Yisro is only 'our neighbor'.   
Zachor 5744.
Two types of war (that are Mitzvah) 1) to conquer, 2) to destroy.
These are the wars of 1) the seven nations, 2) Amalaik.
The war with Amalaik is destroy, as they are the essence of evil.
The idea that everything must be for Hashem's honor.
How is destroying Amalaik in His honor?
Three answers: 1) To demonstrate that what apposes Him cannot exist, 2) The inspiration of Yidden that Amalaik gives, 3) The will of Amalaik itself is transformed, like the idea that his descendants were learning Torah.  
Amalaik, has four levels: 1) Separating the 'face' from the 'rear' of Avoda, 2) Coldness, 3) Doubt, 4) Da'as of Klipa.
The answer to Amalaik is Zachor, remember from Chochma; against this Amalaik cannot compete.
Amaleik exists even in Geula until we actually enter the promised land.