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Tuesday, 22 February 2011 12:40
Maamarim- Vaykhel.
Vayakheil Moshe 5714.
 This class raises and answers all six questions in this Ma'amar and explains the first three Pesukim of Vayakheil in sequence.
Vayakheil Moshe- to give them Koach from the mountain top to be able to do Birurim in this world.
Aile Hadevurim... refers to the 39 types of work that one should do during the week, to elevate the world.
La'asos Osum, means to correct the world. (Laasos means Lisakein, to correct).
Shaishes Yumim... for six millennium we will be involved in Birurim.
The seventh is "Shabas Shabason" two levels of rest 1) from work, 2) higher than work altogether, like the two stages in Olom Haba 1) we eat Godly food, 2) there is no eating at all.
Ze Hadavar... in this spirit the Mishkan is built below for Birurim, and from the Mishkan, comes the elevation of the entire world (Bisoch Kol Echad ViEchad).
Therefore what is not in the Mishkan is not a Melacha on Shabbos because being a Melacha is not about (disallowed) work, but about elevating the world. 
The Mishkan's birurim go in the order of three categories: food, clothing, shelter (homes).
These three are levels of Birur that reveal different levels of lights.
Moshe gathers the Jews and speaks first of Shabbos and then of the Mishkan; which is the opposite of how Hashem inspired him, where Shabbos was last.
The Rebbe explains that these Pesukim are describing Hakhail; where the first step is Shabbos: Bittul followed by bringing Hashem into each aspect of life: The Bais HaMikdash.