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Monday, 28 February 2011 12:53
Parsha Classes- Vayikra.
What is the idea of Korbonos (Sacrifice).
Two versions follow here. One a short one (one class) from 5765, The other more involved (four parts) from 5768. One feature both these classes have is the controversial opinion of the great Rambam about Korbonos.
Quality may be a bit poor.
It sounds as though the sacrifice includes the person himself. A variety of interpretations.
Why are Korbonos (sacrifices) unique among mitzvos to get this extraordinary allusion of the divine delight korbonos bring Hashem. This class includes Rashi, and the Rebbe's sicha on it, The Gemara and Maharsha, Rabbeinu Bichayey, Chasam Sofer and others. It concludes with a brief chassidic commentary.
Every korbon is brought with salt- why. A number of interpretations.
This is a class that explores the three קרבנות of חטאת עולה אשם and the fact that they are in this order.
It is a part of תפילה class given at Machon LiYahadus in 5777.