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Sunday, 17 July 2011 22:11
12-13 TAMUZ.
Given to Neshei Chabad in Melbourne Australia. 
The story of Mesiras Nefesh. It wasn't a joke then and its message is very serious right now.
Dated 15 Sivan 5688 (1928) in anticipation of the first celebration of 12 Tamuz, when he was release form prison and exile one year earlier
A thought on 12 Tamuz and Mesiras Nefesh. 
Why did the Previous Rebbe leave Russia, he clearly wouldn't leave out of fear?
1) Chassidim made him.
2) It became clear to him that his presence hindered the work at that point.
3) He'd completed what it was that as a Rebbe needed to accomplish.
The day The Rebbe came home.
The five Ma'amarim said that week and what they mean.
The Rebbe RaYaTz Bris; the end of the week long celebration of his Bar Mitzvah, the story with Rabbi Moshe Feller and the Farbrengen of 19 Tamuz 5728.
The RaZa's birthday.