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Sunday, 17 July 2011 23:22
Maamarim for Parshas Balak.

מה טובו ה'תשמא.
In this class the מאמר establishes the idea that each and every פסוק in פרשת בלק is about תשובה.
Since the story of בלק and בלעם is about the transforming a curse into a blessing, so too the lesson of the Parsha is in תשובה.
There are four levels of תשובה two associated with אהליך יעקב which are temporary, and two which are associated with משכנותיך ישראל and are permanent.
All for levels of 1) סור מרע and 2) עשה טוב and 3) תורה and 4) the highest  which includes תפילה ותשובה can be done regularly and can be done as תשובה. This is discussed at length in the מאמר in this class.
They correspond to 1) the four letters of Hashem's name 2) and the four levels of the נשמה which are נפש, רוח, נשמה, נשמה לנשמה. 
Why does it say only once 'Ma Tovu' for Ohalim and Mishkanos?
Answer: by Jews even the temporary, Ohel, is permanent.