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Tuesday, 31 December 2013 16:44
Complete Sichos Parshas Balak
Complete Sichos in one class.
RaShI and the RaMbaM on the Pesukim Balak 24, 17-19
1) Rashi holds that these Pesukim were Bilam's way of informing Balak that he had no reason to fear from the Jewish people because it would a long time before they would conquer Moav. RaMbaM holds that this was Bilam's way of informing Balak the greatness the Jewish people would ultimately achieve which would not be until Moshiach comes.
2) How Rashi understands "A Star" that it allusion to the mazal of the Jewish people. RaMbaM holds that a star is an allusion to a king.
3) Accordingly, RaMbaM holds that the entire sequence of these Pesukim  refers to two kings (Dovid and Moshiach) while Rashi holds that most of this sequence deals only with Dovid and only the very last Posuk is about Moshiach. 
Likutei Sichos vol. 18 page 271 ff.
This class gets to the heart and center of this Sicha, which discusses the basic understanding of Moshiach according to 9the RaMbaM and Halacha. 
The end of RaMbaM is on Moshiach because Moshiach is the end of torah Mitzvos and Halacha, this means when it is all complete and we are able to do it properly and wholly. 
Moshiach is a king because only a king can bring Yidden to the place of doing all the Mitzvos.  
This class explores the questions on each of the first four halachos.
The essence of it is that Moshiach is a Halachic idea that has four steps: 1) His own personal piety, 2) His influence on Yidden, 3) His influence on Goyim through force, 4) His influence on Goyim through teaching.  
The description of the times of  the times of Moshach and his dominance over the world is described in two thoughts.
1) He will rule from sea to sea.
2) From the River until the end of the earth.
This Sicha explores why two thoughts. It explains that this is work a person does on himself and the work he does in the world.