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Sunday, 17 July 2011 23:51
Maamarim for Parshas Pinchas.
Korbonos, Before the origional sin brought own light, after the sin they are correcting wrong, the highest levelk of Korbanos will be when Moshiach comes, then also it won't be about correcting wrongs but about revealing the highest lights.
קדש ישראל להוי'ה is Yidden in the good times, when they are on the level of קדש, the fourth level חכמה, השתלשלות.
כל אוכליו יאשמו is Yidden in Galus with all kinds of challenge that reveals the fifth level: אשם שהוא וחומשו חמשה the financial aspect of the אשם (the fine) is a quarter on top of the principal and with the addition it is five (fourths) parts, this is the level of יחידה.
This has two aspects: A. As the fifth level תשובה is an idea onto itself and B. as it effects the other four levels.
This is indicated in the fact that the fifth level is part of the other four.  
Korbanos do and don't apply in the times of Galus, why?
They do in tefilla, but they don't in action, Why?
Korbanos must show thire Godliny effect immediately or they cannot be offered! 
This is the meaning of 'Nachas ruach SheAmarti vina'aseh R'tzoni', that his will was revealed immedaitely.
We explore how this idea doffers sharply from the ussual transaltion of 'Naxchas Ruach...'.
This Maamar develops (some of the ideas in) the Alter Rebbe's maamar in Likutie Torah on this Parsha.
Kodesh Yisroel LaHavaya, means that Neshamos before they descend are on the level of Havaya and even higher, as they are kodesh in relationship with Havaya.
Raishis Tevuasu (Tevuaso) means 1) that Neshamos are higher than the creation, 2) that Neshamos are higher even than the purpose of creation.
Kol Ochlav YeEshamu is the idea of correcting through teshuva, which not only reveals the fifth level but transform the other four into the fifth, as 'Hu ViChumsho chamisha'.
Kodesh Yisroel LaHavaya 5747.