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Thursday, 04 August 2011 11:36
Maamarim for Parshas Matos.
The difference between Yosef and his brothers (and -even- the Avos) highlights the reason why the בני גד ובני ראובן wanted land east of the Yarden to be pastoralists.
This was due to their worldliness עובדי הוי' בגופם which required them to choose a life far from the material world, as opposed to their brethren to the west of the Yarden who were עובדי הוי' בנשמתם and could afford involvement in the lower aspects of worldliness.
Ironically these בני ראובן ובני גד who chose this path end up uplifting the lowest גשמיות because of the מסירת נפש they displayed in fighting for Eeretz Yisroel.
מילי דחסידותא is the same idea as זה הדבר words bring the greatest holiness down! 
There are four types of Jews: רשע who corresponds with  'עשי, the בינוני who corresponds to יצירה, then the צדיק who corresponds to בריאה, but even he is subject to imperfection (particularly as the word צדיק is used in the 'borrowed' way).
Then there is חסיד, who corresponds with אצילות.
נדרים are against אצילות and raise the person to the level of חסיד on two levels,
First by not partaking of material things to be holy by disassociation,  
Second by being מתיר or the father is מפר (!!) the vow and the material is used to raise up to holiness.