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Thursday, 04 August 2011 17:47
Maamarim for Parshas Devarim.
This Possuk has two ideas which this Ma'amar develops in to three based on the Possuk ואשים דברי בפיך ובצל ידי כסיך לנטוע שמים וליסוד ארץ ולאמור לציון עמי אתה.
The idea is that there is Torah which is Essence that is above the two ideas of Mitzvos and Tefilla. 
Torah is ציון.
Mitzvos and Tefilla (we understood to be) is שבי'ה.   
Two galus models two redemption models. Torah is before Tzedaka, but ultimately the effect of Tzedaka is greater then through Torah.
Lizchus Refua Shlaima Vichuli for Shmuel Menachem Mendel ben Shulamis.
 Two interpretations in Tziyon BiMishpat TiPade ViShuvehu BiTzdaka:
1) Both Tziyon and Shaveha are redeemed by Mishpat with the help from Tzedaka,
2) Tziyon is reddemed by Mishpat (Torah) and Shuveha through Tzedaka.
The second pshat reaches higher than it was origionally while the first pshat simply brings things back to how they were before the Galus.Yerida Tzorech Aliya, graeter achdus yisroel resiults in a deeper hiskalelus in our performance of Mitzvos.