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Saturday, 26 July 2014 22:13


The ARIZAL's Yahrtzeit. He passed away in 5332 (1572).

5 Menachem Av Yahrtzeit of the "Arizal HaChai" what does that mean?
5 Menachem Av, the yahrtezit of the ArizaL HaChai, this year we complete 441 years (EMES) since his passing, what does he  mean to us?
 There is a mistake in this class. In the class rabbi Paltiel mentions the arizal's passing as being in the 5333 when in fcat he passed away a year earlier, so this year is not the beginning of year 441, but the completi0on of 441 years since the Arizal's passing.
We are including a letter from the rebbe from 5732 where the rebbe references the (then) 400th anniversary of his passing.