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Sunday, 06 November 2016 15:55
Tanya in depth text based learning.
Introduction Part one. 
The precious stone that lies at the center of the King's crown.
Godliness is within and must be brought out from within, not added from without.
The two key points:
1) Achdus Hashem.
2) The centrality of the Yid, Ahavas Yisroel. 
The BeShT gave it to his time and to all who would follow until Moshiach. 
Packaging: how to bring it to people.
The early version of Chassidus חסידות הכללית involved:
1) connection to the Tzadik,
2) Miracles,
3) warmth.
The Alter Rebbe was instructed (through the Maggid) by the Ba'al Shem Tov to create a פנימיות חסעדות where the Rebbe teaches but the Cיossid inspires himself.
The Alter Rebbe accomplished this by creating חב"ד. 
The stages of the process of creating חב"ד חסידות.
יחידות what it was about. The first and second etc. 
Forty years, thirty years twenty five years (it depends on the perspective).
The חדרים. 
Two and later a third.
The spoken Tanya from 29 Elul 5549 until 9 Kislev 5552.
The written Tanya, קונטרסים. 
The deliberate forgery.
The rewritten and printed Tanya.
A Rebbe writes for his flock in a way that is not subjective: based on where they are at.
Three reasons not to write the Tanya:
1) Not everyone is clear enough to understand what he reads without getting confused.
2) If a Sefer is only שכל אנושי it's reach and appeal is limited.
3) Even when the Sefer is שכל אלוקי the complexity of הנסתרות makes it almost impossible to identify your part and Avoda in Chassidus.  
The answer to the questions:
[1) as a Rebbe he knows us from the inside and speaks Torah in a way that we can receive it
2)] He knows us and is writing the familiar and therefore will reach us in spite of all three issues raised above. 
More on theSpirit that is the Tanya.
The practical aspects that make the Tanya work.
Truth and honesty.
Mashpiim, not being alone in Avodah.
Different הסכמות and some stories.
ר' זושא ור' ליב הכהן
The hidden Tzadik "Carl".
The Akter Rebbe's children publish a complete Tanya with 5 sections and expalin what they are about.
Haskama for that also. 
1) The design of the front page of each קה"ת ספר.
2) The middle of the page is the Alter Rebbe's own words.
3) The two parts of the original Tanya אחדות הוי' ואהבת [נשמות] ישראל. The order in which they appear. 
4) "The long short way" and the two ways. 
פסוקים בפרשת נצבים על הסדר שמסיימים בפסוק כי קרוב וגו
The sequence of Pesukim leading up to the פסוק כי קרוב אליך גו are describing higher levels of Avoda- that of various levels of Tzadikim,
Thus all the לאs לא נפלאת ולא רחוקה לא בשמים ולא מעבר לים apply to some people but not to all.
In this context Hashem says top the Beinoni כי קרוב אליך הדבר מאד בפיך ובלבבך לעשותו.