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Chapter 4
Livushim (1).
All Mitzvos connected to all Livushim.
Each Mitzvah is connected to one part of the person. 

Livushim (2).
Livushim (3).
Long introduction.
This class reviews the first part of this Perek about the Livushim.
The internal organs on not included in the 48 limbs, they are "general limbs" and represent "Super Mitzvos". 
Introduction about 13-15 Elul and Tomchei Tmimim.
Torah and Mitzvos (1).
Question: why does a Yid need Yiddishkeit, isn't he G-dliness himself.
Two answers: Perek 4, Perek 35.
In this Perek the answer is we need Yiddishkeit to reveal what the Neshama is.
There are three knots tied to one another: G-d and the Torah and the Torah and a Yid,
Through Torah the truth of what a Yid is is revealed.
An in the end, the Yid connects Torah to Hashem, and this is the third knot. 
Torah and Mitzvos (2).
In Mitzvos there is Atzmus.
  The action (lowest thing) IS the most important.
Hashem's greatness is His humility. 
Perek 4, Class 6 (56).
Torah and Mitzvos (3).
Missing (unfortunately).
Torah and Mitzvos (4).
Torah and Mitzvos "hold" Atzmus although לית מחשבה תפיסא בי'ה but Torah and Mitzvos do.
Like the idea of לא מצא הקב"ה כלי מחזיק ברכה לישראל אלא השלום.
The allusion to water and Torah:
1) It is exactly the same down here as it is up there.
2) When it leaves "up there" it is only down here and no longer "up there".
Torah and Mitzvos (5).
Till the end of the Perek.
G-dliness in a package we can "hold".
Torah and Mitzvos (6).
Mitzvos are Ein Sof, and when we do them we are wrapped in EIn Sof.
One Mitzvah, all Mitzvos etc.
Torah and Mitzvos (7).
In Gan Eden there is the pleasure from the understanding of G-dliness and the pleasure it arouses.
The difference between what the Neshama does in Gan Eden before it was here (It has השגה understanding but not the Elokus -pleasure- itself) and after it returns (It has the pleasure תענוג from the understanding).
How lofty IS the understanding that takes place in Gan Eden (with no body altogether). 
Down here we get the essence and up there we get the הארה from what we did but not the עצם.
יפה שעה אחת בתשובה ובמעשים טובים בעולם הה מכל חיי העולם הבא.
איין קער one turn is invaluable.
Perek 4, Class 11, (61).
Torah and Mitzvos (8).