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Thursday, 31 August 2017 18:39
Chassidus: understanding what can be understood of G-dliness.
This is a series of classes given (with text in Yeshivas Chovevei Torah during the mornings of the year 5777-78 IYH).
The topic is the G-d and G-dliness.
Foundation: Intellect is (according to Kabbalah and Chassidus) a creation and not an absolute truth. The One who invented it is not absolutely bound by it's laws and limitations. 
 Absolute truths and logical truths, Hashem created and is not bound by the laws of logic.
12 Tamuz 5742: all logic begins with supra-logic, like the idea of Ten S'firos and reasons for the creation.
12 Tamuz 5742: The 10 of Aseres HaDibros is not included in Pirekei Avos (Ch. 5) because it is the basis for the logic in all things 10, so this ten is absolutely higher than reason 
Introduction to Hadran 5746.
According to the RaMbaM Yedia is a Mitzvah that follows simple faith.
Emuna first and the the Mitzvah to use your mind and understand, though it cannot know all that we believe.
Hadran 5746 (1).
Emuna before logic is higher than the logic that follows it based on the principal of cause and effect. 
Hadran 5746 (2).
Abarbanel and Chassidus about the question of which is higher: the pre-Sechel Emuna or the Sechel that follows it. 
Hadran 5746 (3).
Explanation, inside. 
 Hadran 5746 (4).
Shlaimus part one:
What is Shlaimus? Is it a positive or negative thing?
That depends on the integrity of the (one pursuing the) Shlaimus.
By Hashem it is real. 
  Hadran 5746 (5).
Shlaimus part two:
Two levels of Shlaimus:
1) Logical Shlaimus: Metziuo Meatzmuso- we need Him and He doesn't need us.
2) Ain Sof is a higher Shlaimus.
Above those two is Nimna HaNimnaos, if He wishes He can be not Shalaim.
Inside Section 6.
Introduction to higher than Sechel:
1) RaMbaM teaches Yesh MeAyin,
2) Alter Rebbe teaches that Yesh MeAyin leads to constant creation which is the basis for Achdus Hashem.
Achdus is logical but must also be corroborated by Pesukim, because logic doesn't guarantee that this is how it is by Hashem, without Pesukim.
Inside Section 6.
Logic only supports Achdua Hashem inside logic's paramours, thus Pesukim are needed to state absolutely that the world was created with Achdus. 
Admission: this Halacha 4 that discusses Achdus logically and based on Pesukim is included in the first Mitzvah- Yedia; and not the second Mitzvah- Achdus.
Inside beginning of Section 7.
Part of the Mitzvah of Yedia is to appreciate the limit of Sechel and that something is above logic.
This is also part of why it is written: הוא שהנביא אומר הוי' אלוקים אמת.
Class Thirteen.
Inside Section 7 (cont).