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Monday, 08 November 2010 13:54
Parsha Classes Vayishlach.
Vayishlach: Yaakov's showdown with Eisav, is a more painful and explicit Golus but is more frightful and is resolved more quickly.
32-04. The First Possuk of Parshas Vayishlach.
32-04; 32-25. MALACHIM
(What are Angels? Who did Yaakov send to Eisav? with whom did yaakov wrestle?).
The SHELA and the Alter Rebbe both explain the meeting between Yaakov and Eisav on a mystical level (also). This class attempts to reveal the brilliance of these two commentaries in the entire story.
32-11. KOTONTI.
Yaakov slept. Then arose and  took what came to his hand and sent it to Eisav as a Mincha (offering). Why did he sleep? What does come to hand mean? Why is it called a Mincha.
This class has Chizkuni, Rashi, Ramban, Radak, Abarbanel, Rabeinu Bachaya, Alshich, Maase Hashem, Toras Yonason (Aibeshits), Rikanti, Chassidus (Likutei Torah).
The Malach of Aisav is not allowed to leave until he blesses Yaakov.. He anticipates that Hashem will (in the future) change his name to Yisroel. He also gives him a Bracha.
Rashi, Chizkuni, RaDaK, Rabbeinu Bechayey, RaLbaG, Alshich , Chasam Sofer, Maamar (Alter Rebbe).
Why Yaakov must keep both names and not give up Yaakov for Yisroel (which the Malach may have wanted)