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Wednesday, 01 December 2010 16:48
Farbrengen 5770.
The Tanya.
21 KISLEV, Connecting 19 KISLEV to the rest of the year.
Farbrengen (Cherry Hill New Jersey) 5774.
A short introduction and overview of 19 Kisiev.
The idea of the Baal Shem Tov was faith, which is 'stupid and simple'.
 A story and it's lesson, "why are they singing...?"
Jewish Identity cannot be explained. 2 stories 1) Vladimir Posner 2) 'You're not a Jew'.
The Rebbe, the wonderful side, Love and Torah and the other side, that worried about losing another moment, and another Jew. the urgency.
A Farbrengen built around a story of reb Hilel Partcher and reb Itcha Der Masmid. 
Getting the light requires a pure vessel. 
The four principles of Chassidus 1) waking us from a faint, 2) being extra frum, 3) Refining character, 4) intellectually understanding Godliness.
and what they represent, in Chassidus calling to us or us reaching to Chassidus.  
Farbrengen about Chassidus in three parts (5775/2014). 
This Farbrengen was given to Neshei ChaBaD in Morristown. 
The Ba'al Shem Tov had the essence of Chassidus, what is called 'the precious stone at the center of the kings crown'.
This is the Godly energy that helps access and prioritize the Neshama.  
From the Neshama comes 1) Joy, 2) Clarity, 3) Love and 4) faith. 
The Alter Rebbe added the deep complex process of internalizing the 'Precious stone' through mind over heart work tat personalizes Chassidus.
In no way did ChaBaD intend to complicate the ultimate point, which is real faith. 
The Rebbe made huge changes in the form of Chassidus, he did this to preserve the Neshama of Chassidus.
Two big ideas dominate these changes:
1) be positive.
2) Reach out we preserve our own Chassidus by bringing someone else closer.  
Siyum of Tanya and Sicha (19 Kislev 5730) about Shabbos 
End of HaYom Yom.
Sone thoughts on the Hayom Yom
Meaning Tzadik doing Teshuva. 
A discussion on the basic wish of the Ba'al Shem Tov: that we live by our Neshama rather than our mind. 
New layer...