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Monday, 22 November 2010 14:37
Maamarim Vayeshev.
Vayeshev Yaakov 5712.
Peace exists on two levels: 1) You fight and win resoundingly, 2) there is no fight in the first place, the enemy is automatically vanquished.
In Vayeshev, Yaakov is aspiring to the higher peace but gets in stead the lower one: In golus Mitzrayim he has tranquility.
The Chanuka miracles are like Pada BiShalom since the victory was miraculous, but it has two parts:
1) the war this Pada BiShalom needed to be and it was complicated by the actual battle.
2) The Oil and their burning eight days was altogether unnecessary. It was not only Pada BiShalom but there was no enemy! This is Moshiach's level of Pada BiShalom.
There are two lands in the land where Yaakov lives, higher and lower.
These two are represented by two levels of Torah.
This Ma'amar explores the grerat advantage of the lower level of Torah in and of itself.
Through thelaws there is Birurim. This is why it must also invlove מרמה.  
Vayeshev: above work and yerida tzorach aliya is real and constant peace that is after descending into Eretz Migurei Aviv and (lower stilll) Eretz Kinaan. Later he decends further into Mitzrayim and achieves an even higher VaYechi! How this ties into Chanuka, Golus etc.