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Complete Sichos.
Likutei Sichos vol. 1 page 85 ff.
Dreams and Golus.
Likutei Sichos vol. 3 p. 819 ff.
Golus and dreams
Complete Sichos in one class.
Dreams are the illustration of the experience of Exile, thus the story of Galus is punctuated by dreams.
A positive lesson: in a dream one can skip steps, nothing is above anyone.    
Yosef dreams so everyone in his generation dreams.
The dreams of the Pharaoh are opposite of Yosef's.
Yosef's dreams lead to the purpose of the world, while Pharaoh's simply set that up.   
Miketz the end (RaSI) or the beginning (Even Ezra).
The combined understanding of both defines the spirit of Miketz. 
The darkest moment is also the brightest.  
Yosef knows by process of elimination that he best not tell his father he is alive even once appointed Vizier.
He figures out that God is in on it, and He will give the signal when is the time to disclose this information to Ya'akov.   
Yosef's advice isn't separate from the dream's interpretation, it is a part of it,
this demonstrates his full intelligence and raises him up to the level of vizier.
In these dreams opposites converge, Galus and Geula, in the source of Yosef the two are one.   
Ya'akov is talking to his sons about their upcoming trip to Egypt
he knows what his sons told him, but he senses something more is at hand.
So he Davens. He expalins that he's Davening just in case.
But the brothers who know the whole truth know just how important the prayer is.   
Ya'akov tells his children to get ready to be dependent on the Non-Jews in the time of famine and that this is how God's miracle would reach them.
Because he senses that Golus is coming. In Golus we get our food and knowledge (from Hashem, but) through the non-Jew.
this is the meaning of 'Lama Tisrau', Ya'akov's moment to the beginning of the Golus.   
The brother's finally stand in front  of Yosef, and debate... Teshuva!
Yosef leaves hints for his brothers as to who he is.  
According to RaShI they didn't keep Kosher but he still does things to demonstrates the kind of importance in his treatment of them to lead them to the conclusion, that he is their brother.