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Monday, 13 December 2010 12:25
Chamisha BiTEVES.
A Yom Tov declared on this day in 5748 (1987). It celebrates the establishment of ownership of Lubavitch over the Rebbe's library and 770.
 This holiday has a great inner dimension as enlightened  by the Rebbe. 
What could possibly have upset the Rebbe so much about "books"?
A new insight on Chamisha BiTeves, the seeds the Rebbe planted are waiting for us to cultivate and there's so much possibility.
Chamisha BiTEVES 5771 (two parts).
Can the spiritual idea of "Rebbe" (and the nature of the relationship between a Rebbe and Chassidim) be explained In Nigla (halachic) terms at all? Based on the Sicha of 2 NISSAN 5748, Likutei Sichos vol. 19 Shoftim P. 165 ff. and vol 23 Pinchas P. 190 ff.
The Story. The question Melech (king) vs. Nassi (spiritual leader).
The two roles seem so distinctive. In essence (ideally) however they are the same.
Chamisha BiTEVES 5774 (two parts).
The Rebbe describes what a Rebbe is in order to explain how ludicrous it is to think he'd lie.
This document is an insight into what the Rebbe thinks of being a Rebbe and we learned this on Hey Teves 5774.
The Rebbe lives on in Chassidim. 
Am insight into the word ספר which is the שרש for many words including the word ספירות and it's four insights:
1) מספר, Everything that is counted is limited, precise but has an absolute value לא בטל.
2) סיפור והגדה it reveals and tells the story of our purpose as Jews on this earth.
3) ספירות ובהירות The purpose the Jew has is illuminated with w great light.
4) ספר. This is the idea that the open book (of blank pages) is the true infinity in terms of possibilities.
This then is the inner meaning of a holiday attached to ספרים.
The Activities of Lubavitch won the S'farim! 
Is this true every year or just that one time.
הימים האלו נזכרים ונעשים. 
A thought.