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Tuesday, 11 January 2011 13:17
Mishpatim Parsha Classes.
Beginners Class.
21-01. The First Possuk.
21-02. Eved Ivri. 
What is the deeper meaning behind the notion of (Jewish) slavery?
23-20.  Hinei Anochi.
The angel described here that is meant to assist the Jewish people is not ordinary. This class explores various ideas regarding this particular angel and touches on the idea of angels as a whole.
23-25. Vavadetem es Hashem...
The idea of serving Hashem- are we actually doing anything for Him? Or is it all for us. This Possuk is the catalyst for a very important mystical (Kabbalistic) innovation regarding man's ability (by divine decree) to "touch" G-Dliness.
24-10. Vayiru Es Elokei Yisroel....
The Yidden at Har Sinai "saw" G-D(liness). What does this mean? What do the philosophers say about this (and similar) question(s); and what do the mystics say. A deep and insightful class that includes Rasag, Rashi, Rambam (and reb Avrohom ben haRambam), and a Maamar (5719).