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Thursday, 02 December 2010 14:54
Chanuka classes.
The story and miracle of Chanuka is the story of Yidden's Mesiras Nefesh, sacrificing even their Ruchniyus. This created the incredible miracle.
V'al Hanism
The prayer said in Shmona esrei and bentching (in "Hodaa") its meaning (in part) and where we recite it and why. This class is based on source material. Some of the thoughts however are  (semi)original and each person will judge for himself.
One of the most explored questions in Yiddishkeit (with scores of different answers)- why is Chanuka eight days and not seven. This question is resolved by the Rebbe in a most unique way.
 This class includes numerous short ideas on Chanuka woven into one.
This class was given at Hadar HaTorah
The Rambam contends that on Chanuka we celebrate both the miracle of finding the oil as well as the war. He therefore holds that Chanuka (like Purim) requires a feast.
A Note from Y.D.:
Your shiur on the Rambam's view on Chanuka--You mentioned that you don't know where the Rambam gets the idea of the nes of nitzachon hamilchomoh.  In Likkutei Sichos Chelek Yud, page 144, the Rebbe mentions that the sources are V'al hanissim, Medroshei Razal, and possibly Medrosh Chanuka, whatever that is.
--it was Bava ben Buta, not Shimon ben Shotach, who was blinded by Hurdus who then renovated the Beis Hamikdosh. 

Megillas Antiyuchus.
The oldest text that deal with Chanuka DO tell the story of the miracle of finding the jug of oil.